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Note on the Socials

  • Monday: Opening Reception
    Drinks and canapés in the London Room at the RLYC - a chance to meet new friends and begin to develop a community of our wonderful classic keelboats. Weather looking promising after a few weeks of poor weather leading up to the event, so expectations were high. "The Good Reed", all-girl sax quartet provided very appealing background music and set the scene for breaking the mould of traditional regatta receptions. Dinner after at a long refectory table with much yarning about past successes - this week's, yet to come.
  • Tuesday: Haine's Boatyard Reception, Gallery of the Classic Boat Museum
    Drinks and canapés, exhibits from the 1908 Olympics, including the original start box from the end of Ryde Pier, display of a loaned copy of the famous picture of the Duchess of Westminster helmimg her 8mR during the Olympics, film clips of classic boat racing. With such a diversity of exhibits, it was a great opportunity to meet new people - you just need to stand considering an exhibit, some one you didn't know would comment and that would lead to a whole new relationship. Everyone in a good mood after a fantasic first day's racing.
  • Wednesday: Kendall's Art Gallery Reception
    Drinks and canapés, great display of pictures and an opportunity to meet the artists and encourage them to paint our lovely boats! - there's more to sailing than the few 15mR and 19mR boats, even if they did come to Cowes this year.
  • Wednesday: Sceptre's 50th Birthday
    Some of us were able to go to the Royal Yacht Squadron for a reception to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1958 America's Cup Challenger, Sceptre and the first challenge in 12mR, which was entered through the RYS - they have a picture and the original wheel on display in the Pavillion. It was attended by a cousin of David Boyd who designed her and the daughter of the Robertson family who built her on the Clyde and who sailed on Sceptre in Newport as a little girl - wonderful. They were presented with a set of whisky tumblers to replace the very grotty plastic cups they usually serve their whisky in!
  • Wednesday: Regatta Party
    Barbeque supper. Music provided by "The Beautiful Losers" whose repertoire really seemed to hit the spot with great 60's and 70's numbers. Unfortunately curtailed by ferry problems at the beginning and regulations at the end, nevertheless, the whole room was jumping within seconds of them starting playing - a real highlight of the week and should be a regular spot in subsequent Classic Weeks.
  • Thursday: Olympic Celebration Dinner
    After a fairly heavy day in the far East Solent - the sea does pile up there with a 25 knot Easterly, doesn't it - we managed to squeeze 330 people into the Yacht Haven for a celebration dinner. Royal Victoria members decorated the room, sugar replicas of the start box from Ryde Pier decorated the tables and every person received a fine art reproduction of an original 1908 chart kindly provided by the Hydrographic Office with the original courses superimposed (everybody should have had one, but we seem to have some left over, so if you didn't get one and would like one, please contact us).

    Göran Petersson, President of ISAF, gave the address in which he acknowledged the contribution of the metre classes - the first truly international rule and the impact that had forever after, the Olympic classes from 1908 to 1968, the America's Cup boats for many years, and new boats still being built over 100 years later, rising to the challenge of adapting new ideas to improve performance in these iconic classes. He also acknowledged the significance of the early development of the racing rules by the Royal Victoria Yacht Club which was the first stage in creating the IYRU Racing Rules. Jerome Pels, the new Director-General of ISAF, was also present. The High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight, Alan Titchmarsh gave the after-dinner speech and seemed to want to convert us to motor-boating - small chance! Brian Willis, who we all know as the guy who writes the book about the rules every 4 years, gave us real insight into the rules, illuminating the vast array of double-entendres that prevail - in another context the rules seem far more useful.
  • Friday: Regatta Dinner and prize-giving.
    After another day of superb sailing conditions and the last chance to get a higher placing, an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief and either get our reward or cheer on our friends.
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