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Wed 22 July 2015

The pictures in this gallery were taken by the official event photographer Tim Jeffreys - you can ask Tim about his work and ordering images by emailing making note of the image file name.

TJP3833-1254 TJP3835-1255 TJP3846-1256 TJP3849-1257 TJP3859-1258 TJP3865-1259 TJP3868-1260 TJP3872-1261 TJP3873-1262 TJP3884-1263 TJP3899-1264 TJP3903-1265 TJP3907-1266 TJP3910-1267 TJP3911-1268 TJP3916-1269 TJP3920-1270 TJP3922-1271 TJP3923-1272 TJP3930-1273 TJP3931-1274 TJP3935-1275 TJP3937-1276 TJP3939-1277 TJP3944-1278 TJP3947-1279 TJP3956-1280 TJP3958-1281 TJP3961-1282 TJP3970-1283 TJP3978-1284 TJP3979-1285 TJP3982-1286 TJP3985-1287 TJP3987-1288 TJP3994-1289 TJP4000-1290 TJP4001-1291 TJP4004-1292 TJP4005-1293 TJP4009-1294 TJP4014-1295 TJP4016-1296 TJP4019-1297 TJP4025-1298 TJP4029-1299 TJP4036-1300 TJP4044-1301 TJP4058-1302 TJP4059-1303

It is only with the generous support of our loyal sponsors that we are able to offer such a high standard of competition for corinthian sailors.

Classic Boat Magazine
Haines Boatyard
Red Funnel Ferries
Winkworth Estate Agency
Kendalls Fine Art Gallery
Cowes Harbour Commission
Henri Lloyd Clothing