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Thu 23 July 2015

The pictures in this gallery were taken by the official event photographer Tim Jeffreys - you can ask Tim about his work and ordering images by emailing making note of the image file name.

TJP4089-1354 TJP4099-1355 TJP4094-1356 TJP4107-1357 TJP4101-1358 TJP4105-1359 TJP4106-1360 TJP4117-1361 TJP4129-1362 TJP4116-1363 TJP4122-1364 TJP4111-1365 TJP4119-1366 TJP4118-1367 TJP4130-1368 TJP4134-1369 TJP4137-1370 TJP4145-1371 TJP4154-1372 TJP4165-1373 TJP4170-1374 TJP4178-1375 TJP4188-1376 TJP4136-1377 TJP4142-1378 TJP4149-1379 TJP4164-1380 TJP4169-1381 TJP4174-1382 TJP4183-1383 TJP4191-1384 TJP4279-1385 TJP4247-1386 TJP4310-1387 TJP4203-1388 TJP4262-1389 TJP4226-1390 TJP4272-1391 TJP4237-1392 TJP4287-1393 TJP4254-1394 TJP4313-1395 TJP4208-1396 TJP4263-1397 TJP4233-1398 TJP4276-1399 TJP4243-1400 TJP4290-1401 TJP4256-1402 TJP4315-1403 TJP4216-1404 TJP4270-1405 TJP4235-1406

It is only with the generous support of our loyal sponsors that we are able to offer such a high standard of competition for corinthian sailors.

Classic Boat Magazine
Haines Boatyard
Red Funnel Ferries
Winkworth Estate Agency
Kendalls Fine Art Gallery
Cowes Harbour Commission
Henri Lloyd Clothing